Pray for MH370

Pray for MH370.

Missing plane.No clues at all.Speculation,rumors,prediction etc just make it worse.

Still keep waiting and waiting and absolutely for a good news.There are so many speculations on tv,social media whatsoever,but this time I have choose just to keep silent.

Ok.But not for the "Tok Moh" stories.We talk about him and we found out it is more interesting rather than tittle tattle about an actress Hanez Suraya.It's so hilarious and annoying.That's for sure.

News in Australia showing about the missing plane almost everyday without failed.

Critical thinking.

Owh!Their people also seeing a plane flying very low.I thought just an old man in my hometown  seeing a plane flying low while gardening.Sigh!It's happen in Marang yo!

I am freaking out.This is because we are frequent traveller and our first choice is MAS.Air Asia doesn't offer their service here in Brisbane.Other choices is using the other airlines and we can't stand for transition of flight.There are two kids with us!Phew!Until now MAS still my number one.We can't deny their best hospitality in providing their services.Why am I talking about this? This is because when you are need to go abroad with a flight is not something you need to enjoy.Don't judging me that I am look so happy in flight just only when you see the way I ate the meal given.Sedap.It's not fair.Only God knows what I feel deep down in my heart.Dup dap dup dap.

Seriously even though I never been in Europe or another countries that we need to stay calm and relax for more than 10 hours.I couldn't ever imagine a trip to US that took you more than 20 hours.Eight hours from Malaysia to Brisbane can't makes me happy or still calm and relax.That's the fact.I hate the journey.Just love the country. 

The missing plane MH370 make me think about the feelings of those who were in the plane.And what I can do for now do not stop do'a for them.We are hoping a miracle to comes.Please don't stop praying to our Almighty Allah swt to keep them safe and most important thing is they can come back to their families and loved one.

P/s:Sorry for grammatically error.Nobody is perfect *tetibe.

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